Nancy for Congress


In early 2003, prompted by the growing concern about what the Bush deficit would do to our nation and our economy during wartime, Nancy Boyda took action. She entered the race for Congress. A life-long Republican, Nancy continued to voice what she had long been feeling, the Republican Party had abandoned her and millions of other middle class citizens and were advancing the interests and wealth of just a few.

Realizing her principles were aligned with those of the Democratic Party, Nancy changed her party affiliation in the summer of 2003. She then made the commitment to no longer remain silent and began the process of waging a full-scale fulltime campaign to return a moderate voice to the 2nd Congressional District in 2004. Nancy believes the working people of Kansas, not the wealthy corporate interests supported by Jim Ryun, deserve representation. She will aggressively fight for healthcare for families, for legislation that will ensure the creation of jobs that pay a living wage and for fairer taxes. To this end, she has committed to spend the next year fulltime, day and night, listening to and talking with Kansans from every walk of life. She wants to show that it is time for all politicians to walk the talk.

Nancy attended William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, and graduated with honors. She received dual degrees in chemistry and education. In 1978, during the Carter Administration, she began a career working as an analytical chemist and field inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency. In 1981 she joined Marion Laboratories. It was a well-run company with signs everywhere that read, "Those who produce share in the rewards." But corporate ethics and behavior started to change in the mid to late 80's. A series of mergers and acquisitions took place in the late 80's and 90's that dismantled the company.

Laid off in 1993, and a single parent at the time, Nancy was confronted with what millions of other Americans were faced with: the absence of meaningful job security and long-term health insurance. She then accepted a management position with a small pharmaceutical company. Within two years, a department that had never turned a profit was transformed under her leadership into a successful, profitable business unit. Competition, demanding work hours, motivation, and pride were hallmarks of that experience for Nancy and members of her department. Although the department became highly profitable, the employees were compensated at the lowest possible levels. Company owners then summarily rejected Nancy's fight for better compensation for her employees. Within two years of reaching a healthy profit, the owners sold the company, took the profits, and made no effort to further compensate the workforce that had helped them reach their goal.

For the next five years, Nancy held management positions in a small, startup pharmaceutical company. As her children grew older and more independent, she began reading and studying more about the social issues our country was facing. She began speaking up about issues of job security, access to healthcare, the need to protect public education and our environment, and why pharmaceuticals cost so much.

In addition to her professional work, Nancy was a Big Sister to a young woman in Kansas City.

Nancy is married to Steve Boyda, attorney and lifelong Democrat. After practicing law for 27 years in Marshall County, he now practices law with a firm in Manhattan, Kansas. Nancy is the mother of two children and five stepchildren. An avid cyclist, Nancy has ridden her bike across Kansas nine times. In addition, she is a member of Countryside United Methodist Church in Topeka.

When we all do better...

Posted 5/25/2004

Nancy's Notes #3

None of us needs to be reminded of the enormous civil rights victory that Brown represented; none of us could forget how far we've come since 1954, nor how far we still have to go in ensuring equal opportunity for everyone of every race. What is all too easy to forget is why we fell into the trap of segregation to begin with.

Nancy Thanks Volunteers for Petition Support

Posted 5/25/2004

You and I accomplished something extraordinary last week.

We filed for the November ballot by petition--something no Democrat in Kansas has achieved in a decade, and something Jim Ryun could not manage when he first ran for office.


Boyda to oppose Ryun in House race

Posted 5/14/2004

Topeka Capital-Journal — Democrat Nancy Boyda has officially filed for office in Kansas' 2nd Congressional District.

Welcome from Nancy

I'm running for US Congress to restore moderate leadership to Washington, and I need your help.

Please look around this site to learn what I stand for: better health care, more jobs, improved public education, and strong homeland security. I hope you will then, like me, choose to fight for a change in our nation's capital.

My name will be the one on the ballot on November 2, but I'm only one person in this movement. Your help is crucial in our mission to return the true voice of the Kansas Second District to Congress. Please consider volunteering or contributing today!

I look forward to working beside you during our campaign!



Most of you in the Second District are political moderates, but many of your representatives in Washington today, including Jim Ryun, are far to the right wing. I'm going to Washington as a moderate voice to ensure that our representatives in Congress are truly representative of the people of Kansas.

Here are some of the most important ways I differ from Jim Ryun, and how I will use my vote in Congress to improve our district:

Jobs and the Economy
In the past three years, the US economy has lost over three million jobs. That's an average of 90,000 jobs lost per month! Companies in the Second District, such as Goodyear Tire and Manufacturing, Flexel, and Dazy have been forced to eliminate positions because of unfair trade agreements--almost 1100 jobs from these companies alone! This isn't just an unavoidable downturn in the economy; it's the direct result of failed economic policies. I support fair trade agreements that encourage economic growth overseas without sacrificing Kansas jobs.

Jim Ryun has voted against raising the minimum wage, even while voting in favor of Congressional pay raises. I believe this is exactly the wrong set of priorities. I will fight to increase the minimum wage, increase unemployment assistance for laid off workers, and provide tax incentives to encourage new job growth in small and mid-size businesses.

Fiscal Responsibility 
I believe the national budget must be balanced before the government splurges on tax breaks that benefit primarily the wealthiest 1%. Especially during wartime, it is highly irresponsible to increase spending while recklessly cutting taxes--but that's exactly what Jim Ryun has done, contributing to the unprecedented ballooning of the national debt.

Health Care 
I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for most of the last decade, so I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges lower- and middle-income families face in gaining access to health insurance. I'll use this experience to confront these problems, to provide affordable prescription drugs to all seniors, and to re-shape the failed Medicare bill recently passed by the Republican Congress.

The public school system is one of the foundations of our great country. In recent years, however, decreased school funding, low teacher pay, and rigid federal mandates have created severe problems for our schools. These problems are intensified by voucher programs that strip money away from public schools, such as the program Jim Ryun voted for. In Congress, I will support legislation to return control of education to the local level and to fully fund the federal government's obligations to our schools.

As you can see, I'm running for Congress to restore moderate, common sense leadership to Washington. I hope you'll join me in this battle by volunteeringor contributing today.




"I don't have health care. If I paid for it, I would have just $100 left in my paycheck every two weeks, and I couldn't pay my bills. I support Nancy because she'll work to fix the health care system and to take care of the people of Kansas."

Alan Shald, Galena, KS

"We deserve to have Nancy Boyda in Washington representing the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas. When I met Nancy I said to myself, 'Finally, someone who understands the issues, can articulate her positions and will go to Washington to do what's right for all of us!' Her moderate positions on education, the economy and healthcare, I think, more truly reflect the values of the people of this district."

Eileen Larson, Lawrence, KS

"In these troubled times it is more important than ever that we have someone in Congress who can truly represent and work for the best interests of all people in the 2nd District of Kansas. Nancy Boyda is an intelligent and articulate person who cares deeply about doing what's right for all of us. Her management experience and personal grit will serve Kansas well in Congress."

Gil Zemansky, Lawrence, KS

"I was hoping the Democrats would find a quality candidate to run this year--but I never dreamed we'd be so lucky. This is the year, folks, and Nancy Boyda is going to carry the real voice of Kansans to Washington!"

Jan Garton, Manhattan, KS